~ Italy meets India in North Bondi ~ Shops 4 & 5, 38 Wairoa Ave North Bondi ~
~ Italy meets India in North Bondi ~ Shops 4 & 5, 38 Wairoa Ave North Bondi ~
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Cafe & Wine Bar

Quiet and cosy, the café is the perfect spot to enjoy a Double Roaster’s coffee, pot of fresh chai, an icy cold Kingfisher beer or a mean Negroni. The menu offers a range of Italian brioche, sweet treats, samosas and a small breakfast, lunch and aperitivo selection. 
The space is available for private functions.
Please contact us for details 



Coffee  4.00
Moccha 4.50
Pot of leaf tea: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint,   4.50
Green, Chamomile, Masala Chai           
Chai: Chamellia fresh, plain or turmeric; steamed with diary,   6.50
soy, almond or oat milk  
Dirty chai (fresh chai with a shot of coffee)   7.00
Hot chocolate   4.00 
Iced chocolate/coffee  - without/with icecream   4.50/6.50
Nutella, caramel, vanilla or chocolate milkshake   6.50
Freshly squeezed orange juice  7.00
Mango lassi; banana or mango smoothie   8.00
Italian soft drinks – Chinotto, limonata, aranciata   3.50
Parkers organic soft drinks, kombucha   4.50


Beer – Peroni or Kingfisher 330ml   8.00
Vino -  Rose, White or Red   11.00
Prosecco  12.00
Negroni, Aperol or Campari Spritzer   14.00
Americano – Campari, Cinzano Rosso, soda   12.00
Campari Shakerati – Campari, lemon juice, ice   12.00


Muffins: ricotta, blueberry & bran or apple & mixed berry   5.00
Italian brioche: plain ciambella donut; krapfen donut with 
Nutella; cornetti grilled with Nutella or jam   4.50
Brownies: Nutella choc/lemon myrtle white choc
orange coconut saffron. All gluten free   5.00
Banana bread /with ricotta, honey and walnuts   5.00/9.50
Homemade muesli, yoghurt, honey, cinnamon & fresh fruit   12.00
Toast with butter and jam/honey, vegemite, peanut butter   6.50
Fruit toast with ricotta, cinnamon & jam or honey   8.50
Naan bread with ricotta, cinnamon & honey   9.50
Chapati breakfast wrap: egg, bacon, kasundi sauce   10.00
Breakfast plate – sourdough with avo, ricotta, tomato;   14.00
Add egg and/or bacon   17.00/20.00
Avo smash: ricotta, chilli, lemon on soy linseed/sourdough   14.00
Veggie samosas with tamarind sauce   4.50
Bologna: bacon, egg, swiss cheese & BBQ/kasundi sauce   12.00
Roma: ham, swiss cheese, avocado   12.00
Torino: bacon, avocado, tomato   12.00
Genova: tuna, pesto, pea   12.00
Milano: buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil   12.00
Brindisi: Cheese with ham or tomato or avocado   10.00
Merenda: nutella and banana    8.00
Bruschetta – tomato, basil   12.00
Focaccia with buffalo mozzarella   15.00
Ricotta, pea and mint crostata  12.00
Olives and grissini   10.00